Class Price

Get excited..we are about  to kickoff our first 12 Days of ElleMas! The biggest savings of the year wrapped up in 12 days. Here’s how it works. Starting on December 11th the daily sale will go live. Notice some of the days have a number 10 or 15 on the box. This number is the amount of items we will be selling for that day. Also 12/11 and 12/15 are new client deals. New auto pay clients or clients that have not attended class within 6 months are eligible for this deal. 

Deals that are purchased as a gift email us after purchase to arrange gift card transfer to recipient account. Unlimited contracts and year paid in full are one time only and will not auto renew once completed. Packages and contracts will activate when you enroll in your first class. Class packages can be used after current package and have a 1 year expiration. Current contracts must be completed before use of new package. 

Tracy Paige $100 gift card must be used towards a $400 purchase or more. 

Daily deal will go LIVE at 7:45 a.m each day. All contracts must be purchased through computer not the mindbody app! Elle Fitness gift cards-you can only use 1 per person. Class packages only 1 purchase per person. Set your clocks and get ready to save!