ElleBARRE : Our classic Barre class is an extreme fitness method founded on the technique of dance, the mind/body aspect of yoga, and the precision and core integration of Pilates. This method produces lengthening and chiseling results fast using small isolated holds with tiny movements and tremendous mental connection.

ElleBARRE Advanced: Our Advanced class follows the same format as our Barre class, however  Advanced will challenge you with longer holds, deeper positions, quicker transitions, & more advanced moves. A minimum of at least 10  classes is recommended before entering this class.

ElleBARRE FIRE: Fire so a teacher favorite! This class includes full range of motion moves, quick transitions, elements of cardio, and advanced dynamic stretching.

ElleBARRE Cardio: Barre Cardio combines classic barre with Tabata, which is a four minute round of high intensity interval training! During the four minutes clients will preform 20 seconds bursts of maximal effort and 10 seconds off. It has been proven to burn fat in less time than steady state cardio. Efficient fat burn for less time combined with classic thigh, seat and floor work can be a huge fat shredder! This class is great for all levels of fitness 1. because you can do anything for 20 seconds and 2. we will always show you ways to make the movements less intense and lower impact! Clients love this hard yet do-able fat burner!!!!

ElleBARRE Fit Ball Fusion: Fit Ball is the ultimate 55-minute workout that combines strength, cardio and core training using a medicine ball. Clients hit the barre for express ElleBARRE Yoga inspired cool down following. This workout is fun, quick, and challenging! This class is great for males and females!